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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my order be changed or cancelled once it has been placed?

For deliveries in mainland China, we will make any changes or cancel the order whenever possible. For deliveries to other countries, if your order has not been released to the florist we would be more than happy to make any changes or cancel the order. Changes cannot be made the day of shipping or delivery. During floral holidays we need to receive all changes or cancellations at least five business days prior to the delivery date. For inquiries regarding changes or cancellations we suggest sending an email or contacting our customer service department by calling 86-10-82138780.

Will I get an order confirmation?

If you have provided us with a valid email address, you will receive an automated e-mail confirmation the day you place your order. After we confirm you made the payment, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that your order is processed. If your order is placed after business hours, you will receive your confirmation on the next day. If there is any problems, we would leave message at the website and send you email too.

I placed my order and did not receive an email confirmation. What happened?

If you did not receive an email confirmation it is possible that the email address may have been entered incorrectly. It is also possible that the email bounced back because of a full mailbox or it entered a bulk folder or spam guard folder.

Can I personalize a gift by making changes on your items on the website?

Yes. We have place to write down your instructions while checking out. We will do our best to make changes as you wished if any possible based on the equal value principle.

What can I expect after I placed an order?

You should receive an confirmation email in just seconds if your email address is correct. If we received your payment and start to process your order, you should receive an email as well. After we delivered your order, we also let you know by sending another email. Of course, we mark your order status in our website as well.

How could I know you received my order correctly?

After you placed an order, we send you a confirmation email right away to sum up your order. If you received the confirmation email and find everything is right, then the order is received correctly.

Can I make some changes after I placed an order?

You can tell us your preference or whatever you want by sending messages to us through order detail pages. We will do our best to make changes that you told us, however, we do not guarantee this.

Will I get a delivery confirmation?

Yes. You can trace all your orders by signing in the website and click "My Account". We will mark in our website and send you an email if we delivered your order. However, the time that we send the email does not mean we delivered your order at that time. We may delivered your order in morning and mark the website / send you an email in afternoon because our delivery persons's first priority is to deliver all orders on time.  

Do you call the receiver before delivery?

Yes. We may call to confirm the address and delivery time if we feel it's needed for whatever reason unless you clearly indicate NO CALL while in your order or in your message to us.

Will you contact me if there is any problems about my order?

Yes. We will send an email to let you know and leave the message in the website at the same time. We may also call you if it is really urgent or if you did not response to our message. If you want to reply us, please do NOT reply the email but login the website and send a message back or call us.

More questions about delivery, please click
Delivery Policy

How to make payment? Is it secure?

You can pay through CAPINFO payment engine or PayPal. Your credit card security is guaranteed by CAPINFO or PayPal. We can not access your credit card information. CAPINFO accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB credit card and support 128bit SSL and "Verified by Visa". PayPal is an Ebay company and support more credit card or even bank account transfer.

Do you have gift card sent with flowers?

Yes. We have free gift card with every order. You can tell us your message on the card while checking out.

The website stops while I make payment online, what should I do?

You can make payment at any time by clicking "My account" at the top-right of webpages and click "Make Payment" in the order list table. REMEMBER: We can not process your order if we do not receive your payment. The sooner we receive payment, the better we can prepare for your order.

How could I know you received my payment?

We will mark our website and send you an email if we received your payment, and we start to process your order at the same time. You can also login our website and click "My account" to trace your order.

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